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Detachment Profiles

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Welcome to Manitoba! From North to South our population is nearly 1.2 million according to Manitoba Trade and Investment.

"D" Division holds 22 Municipal policing contracts and seven Community Tripartite Agreements (CTAs) in Manitoba.

To learn more about the North District, the East District or the West District and their respective detachments and communities - read on!

Detachments in "D" Division have submitted profiles based on the following initiatives:

Community Policing:
Is a partnership between the RCMP and the community sharing in the delivery of police services. This philosophy recognizes that the police are integral to society and are not a separate entity and that the main function of policing is problem solving.

Restorative Justice:
Is based on community healing. In other words, the community decides what is best for itself in terms of resolving certain criminal matters. The focus of restorative justice is on offender accountability, problem solving, and creating an equal voice for offenders and victims.

Crime Prevention:
Focuses on the social order needs of an ethno-cultural society through education, increased public awareness strategies and the promotion of inter-agency cooperation and personal contact. The specific needs of crime victims are addressed through the development and implementation of responsive community-based police services.

Community Involvement:
A member on detachment is the public's most frequent and personal connection with the RCMP. Detachment personnel are encouraged to participate in police/community programs (i.e. community service clubs, sports activities, guiding/scouting movements, etc.).

Police-Community Relations:
Without a solid base upon which to work, the police cannot hope to build the necessary partnerships with the community to prevent crime and to solve community problems. Members of the RCMP strive to build those bridges by appreciating the needs of the communities in which they work and live. Their commitment to the community goes beyond simple participation as residents, but also as active members of the community.

Quality Service Through Strategic Partnerships:
The community also benefits directly and indirectly from strategic partnerships that the RCMP develops with other law enforcement and governmental agencies within their local community and province.