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Wabowden Detachment

Wabowden Detachment Contact Information:
Box 250
Wabowden, MB
R0B 1S0
Ph: (204) 689-2685
Fax; (204) 689-2383

Wabowden is a northern community located approximately 630 kilometres north of Winnipeg. It is 106 kilometres south of Thompson off of Highway 6.

Local Population:
Approximately 550.

RCMP Detachment:
The detachment consists of three members and a half-time Public Service Employee. The detachment area covers the community of Wabowden and the outlying areas under a provincial contract.

Community-based problem solving:

Often, groups are already in place to deal with ongoing concerns or community projects. The following details what community challenges are being addressed by the members of the RCMP in partnership with their community. The major working groups include:

Wabowden Community Council: The RCMP, in partnership with the community council, works together with the youth of the community. One such example is finding work programs for minor youth offenders diverted from the criminal process. Various work programs have been developed in the community, whereby young offenders would perform a number of hours of work at a project or facility in the community.

Wabowden Youth Council: The detachment, in discussions with the Youth Council Advisory Group, identified a need in the community for more youth activities. Several initiatives were started including activities throughout the week at the school and at the arena, including recreational hockey. Wabowden RCMP, in conjunction with the Youth and Community Council, have successfully seen the creation of a youth center in Wabowden serving to provide youth a safe and healthy environment to enjoy a variety of games and activities.  Wabowden RCMP continues to assist in areas requiring grant applications, the most recent to see a play structure constructed within the community.

Restorative and alternative justice:

Nationwide, members of the RCMP are involved in alternative justice processes, whether volunteering as facilitators or sitting on steering committees. Each community may embrace a different form of restorative justice, be it community justice forums, circle sentencing, or mediation.

Alternative Justice: Detachment members are currently involved in providing a number of alternatives to the formal court process. Matters are sometimes settled with members mediating between the victim and accused, or referring them to outside agencies or other trained facilitators. The community council also offers various work programs after school hours as an alternative to the court system.

Community & Youth Services (Probation): Court for Wabowden is run out of Thompson. The probation office in Thompson works closely with members of this detachment, by sharing information and discussing offenders. Probation Services will, at times, settle matters out of court through alternative justice processes. This past year, a need was identified to revamp our Alternative Measures program. Through the assistance of Probation Services, the detachment initiated a new program and has enrolled three volunteers as honorary probation officers to oversee the program.

Crime prevention:

Members of the RCMP are involved with a number of programs designed to prevent crime in our communities through both indirect and direct intervention. From school talks to youth initiatives and community safety plans, the goal of crime prevention programs is to target the roots of potential criminal and social problems. Members of the RCMP are involved in the following initiatives:

Drug Awareness/ Enforcement: Talks have been given in the local school and to youth groups in an effort to deter drug use.

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)-The detachment presently has one trained DARE instructor who has liaised with the local school to present the program to grade 5 and 6 students.

Gang Awareness: The detachment has called upon the Thompson Gang Awareness Unit to give presentations to various groups on numerous occasions.

Bike Rodeos: The detachment, in cooperation with the local nursing station, organizes this initiative each year before school ends. Kids learn about the safe use of their bicycles.

Addictions Awareness Week: Each year, the detachment gives a presentation to various age groups at the school.

Other Crime Prevention Programs include:

  • School Liaison
  • Bullying Program
  • Kidz Printz
  • Joint Roadside Checks/Patrols
  • Quad Patrols
  • Boat Patrols
  • Safe Grad

Police-community relations:

Without a solid base upon which to work, the police cannot hope to build the necessary partnerships with the community to prevent crime and to solve community problems. Members of the RCMP strive to build those bridges by appreciating the needs of the communities in which they work and live. Their commitment to the community goes beyond simple participation as residents, but also as active members of the community. Members of the RCMP are involved in the following initiatives:

  • Wabowden Youth Council
  • Church Youth Group
  • Job Shadowing
  • Snowmobile Training
  • Detachment Tours
  • Hockey Tournaments
  • Wabowden Annual Fish Derby
  • Red Serge Duty & Parades
  • Wabowden Minor Hockey

Quality service through strategic partnerships:

The community also benefits directly and indirectly from strategic partnerships that the RCMP forms with other law enforcement and governmental agencies as well as with as with other community groups. Several unique associations have been formed:

  • Manitoba Metis Federation
  • Wabowden Community Council
  • Partners in Law Enforcement
  • Tolko Industries
  • Frontier School Division (Mel Johnson School)
  • Youth Council
  • Emergency Response/ Fire Department
  • Health Authority/ Nursing Station
  • Cottage Owners