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Oakbank Detachment

Oakbank Detachment Contact Information:
Oakbank Detachment
625 Balsam Crescent
Box 309
Oakbank, MB
R0E 1J0
Ph: (204) 444-3847
Fax: (204) 444-3843

Oakbank Detachment Beausejour Detachment
662 Gertrude Avenue
Box 1770
Beausejour, MB
R0E 0C0
Ph: (204) 268-2612
Fax: (204) 268-3638

The Oakbank detachment is a consolidated unit with the office in Oakbank serving as the host. We also have a community office in Beausejour. The detachment area covers approximately 1,321 square kilometres and borders the east boundary of Winnipeg. Oakbank/Beausejour detachment is responsible for policing the RM of Springfield, the Town of Beausejour, the RM of Brokenhead and Birds Hill Provincial Park.

Local Population:
Approximately 25,000 people.

RCMP Detachment:
The detachment consists of 18 regular members and four support staff. The Oakbank office has one staff sergeant, one corporal, nine constables, two detachment service assistants, and two auxiliary constables. Posted in Beausejour are one sergeant, one corporal, five constables, one detachment service assistant, one municipal employee, and two auxiliary constables. The detachment maintains a fleet of seven cars, two trucks, two snow machines and two ATVs.

Community-based problem solving:

Often, groups are already in place to deal with ongoing concerns or community projects. The following details what community challenges are being addressed by the members of the RCMP in partnership with their community. The major working groups include:

Winnipeg Child and Family Services and Eastman Child and Family Services (CFS): This organization provides services to the entire Beausejour and Oakbank region. We work closely with CFS under the mandate of the Child Welfare Act to develop solutions for those involved. Our joint responsibilities include protection and preventive services to children and families. The agency provides a variety of programs that enhance our communities. The community outreach worker is responsible for developing specific programs or services according to identified needs in our community. Programs such as anger management, parenting courses, suicide intervention, and parent support groups are offered on an ongoing basis.

Child Abuse Committee: This group consists of representatives from CFS, Public Health, education, foster parents, and the RCMP. The committee reviews instances of child abuse in the North Eastman Region. This multi-disciplinary team provides consultation in the investigation and management of cases and makes recommendations regarding the protection of children.

Beausejour Community Resource Team: This working group has representatives from Sunrise School Division, Edward Schreyer School, Child & Family Services, Probation Services, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, Clergy, North Eastman Health Authority and the RCMP. Committee members use a multi-disciplinary approach to identify high-risk children and to provide purposeful intervention programs.

Springfield Inter-Agency Committee: This committee includes a member from the RCMP and representatives from education, Child and Family Services, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, and the Child Guidance Clinic. The committee’s primary focus is to share information about high-risk situations and to develop a team approach to problem solving.

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Restorative and alternative justice:

Nationwide, members of the RCMP are involved in alternative justice processes, whether volunteering as facilitators or sitting on steering committees. Each community may embrace a different form of restorative justice, be it community justice forums, circle sentencing, or mediation.

Alternative Justice: Our detachment is involved in a number of alternatives to the formal court process. In some cases, it may involve allowing parents or schools to deal with a matter instead of following through with court proceedings. Investigators are encouraged and directed to consider a wide range of offenses for alternative measures based on the needs of the client public interest. The detachment also works with local schools through the school liaison officers to promote non-judicial alternatives.

Justice Committees: These committees, consisting of local residents, act as an alternative to the court system. They deal with both alternate measures (youth) and adult diversions. Depending on the nature of the crime, the committee may impose community service work, restitution, education, or other alternatives aimed at reintegrating the offender back into the community. Members of the detachment are involved with both the Beausejour and Springfield justice committees.

Crime prevention:

Members of the RCMP are involved with a number of programs designed to prevent crime in our communities through both indirect and direct intervention. From school talks to youth initiatives and community safety plans, the goal of crime prevention programs is to target the roots of potential criminal and social problems. Members of the RCMP are involved in the following initiatives:

Auxiliary Constable Program: This detachment has a total of five auxiliary constables, three in Oakbank and two in Beausejour. In addition to providing an enhanced police presence, auxiliary constables participate in a number of crime prevention programs and enforcement initiatives that enhance service to all clients in our service area.

Springfield Rural Crime Watch: The RM of Springfield is presently divided into eight rural crime watch areas. Each area has an assigned RCMP member, who is responsible for patrolling their area, liaising with zone captains, informing residents about current events, and attending meetings to address any public concerns. There are approximately 100 volunteers involved in this program.

Winnipeg Folk Festival: Each July, Bird’s Hill Park plays host to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. With the heavy influx of tourists, performers, festival patrons and volunteers, Bird’s Hill park becomes Manitoba’s 3'rd largest city that week with approximately 20 000 people in the park on peak days that week. Through careful planning and cooperation, the Oakbank RCMP Detachment partners with the Folk Festival organizers, Manitoba Conservation, Traffic Services and the neighbouring detachments to help ensure that the public enjoys a safe and enjoyable event.

Snowmobile Patrols: The RCMP, in conjunction with Manitoba Department of Natural Resources and local snowmobile clubs, is currently working on a project to promote more visible law enforcement in the area. Proactive snowmobile enforcement is aimed at improving safety of the snowmobile trails and back country areas.

Quad Patrols: The RCMP uses this resource as an effective tool in promoting safe communities and to reduce trespassing complaints. The off-road vehicles are also used to respond to calls in rough terrain which is not accessible to other police vehicles.

Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP): There are currently COPP programs in place in Beausejour, Tyndall, Garson, and Springfield. These volunteers are involved in crime watch and crime prevention activities throughout the detachment area.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program: This program, taught by our members, consists of an intensive 10-week course. DARE is a comprehensive prevention education program designed to equip Grade Six school children with the skills they require to recognize and resist social pressures to experiment with tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Bullying Presentations: RCMP members have conducted presentations on bullying. The concept behind the presentations was to assist students in developing ways to reduce and report incidents of bullying at school.

Other Crime Prevention Programs include:

  • Manitoba Crime Stoppers
  • Public Presentations
  • School Action for Emergencies (SAFE)

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Police-community relations:

Without a solid base upon which to work, the police cannot hope to build the necessary partnerships with the community to prevent crime and to solve community problems. Members of the RCMP strive to build those bridges by appreciating the needs of the communities in which they work and live. Their commitment to the community goes beyond simple participation as residents, but also as active members of the community. Members of the RCMP are involved in the following initiatives:

  • Red Serge Duty
  • The Annual Beausejour RCMP Golf Tournament
  • Detachment Tours
  • School Liaison Officers

Quality service through strategic partnerships:

The community also benefits directly and indirectly from strategic partnerships that the RCMP forms with other law enforcement and governmental agencies as well as with other community groups. Several unique associations have been formed:

  • Rural Municipality of Springfield Reeve and Council
  • Town of Beausejour, LGD of Tyndall, RM of Brokenhead
  • Women’s Advocacy Program
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Victim Services
  • Critical Incident Management Team-Members
  • Beausejour and Oakbank Department of Education
  • EMS/Springfield Fire Department
  • Winnipeg Folk Festival
  • Manitoba Liquor Control Commission
  • Manitoba Public Insurance