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International Policing

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Most of RCMP federal investigations have connections extending beyond Canada’s borders.

The RCMP currently has 37 Liaison Officers in 26 locations around the world.

Over the past two decades, Canada has deployed 2,300 police officers to 50 peace missions around the world.

Today, there are more than 20 Canadian police partners working in International Peace Operations and three working with INTERPOL Ottawa.

Since 2003, International Travel and Visits has processed more than 10,000 requests for international travel and has hosted hundreds of visitors from foreign police delegations.

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International Policing (IP) is a key management strategy for the RCMP, and as such, it is entrenched in almost all of the organization’s activities and operations - from its five strategic priorities, to border enforcement, counterfeiting, child exploitation, human smuggling and more.

International Policing enhances cooperation between Canadian and foreign law enforcement agencies to assist in the fight against global criminal activity and to ensure the safety and security of Canadians at home.

For instance, on behalf of the Canadian police community, Liaison Officers facilitate international investigations that have a Canadian connection. Interpol is the gateway to the world enabling police to share critical crime-related information. Through International Peace Operations, Canadian police train and mentor foreign police, giving them the skills to maintain law and order. This helps prevent illicit activities from spilling across borders into other countries. Finally, International Travel and Visits ensures the safety and security of RCMP employees traveling abroad.

Over the years, International Policing has formed close partnerships with the Canadian police community through secondments and international deployments.

The following five branches make up the International Policing Sector:

International Operations: A network of liaison officers stationed around the world provide support and assistance to Canadian law enforcement agencies in the prevention and detection of offences to Canadian federal laws.

INTERPOL Ottawa: Serves as the principal link between Canadian and international law enforcement communities and provides a unique range of essential services to optimize the international effort to combat crime.

International Peace Operations: Enhances Canadian security and supports foreign policy objectives by managing the deployment of Canadian police personnel to international peace operations.

International Travel and Visits: Approves and coordinates RCMP attendance at international conferences, seminars and workshops. Also responsible for passport and visa control for official employee travel as well as administers and manages international law enforcement visits to the RCMP.

International Affairs and Policy Development: Develops policy and program frameworks to ensure that RCMP international activities contribute to safe homes, safe communities in Canada.