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Integrated Border Enforcement Teams (IBETs)

IBETs enhance border integrity and security along the shared Canada/U.S. border, between designated ports of entry, by identifying, investigating and interdicting persons, organizations and goods that threaten the national security of one or both countries or that are involved in organized criminal activity.

IBET units protect both Canada and the United States from potential threats of terrorism and impede the trafficking/smuggling of people and contraband.


The five core IBET agencies – each having law enforcement responsibilities for areas at or near the shared border – are:

The Integrated Border Enforcement Team Program is comprised of both Canadian and American law enforcement agencies. The bi-national partnership enables the five core law enforcement partners to work together daily for more efficient sharing of information and intelligence.


  • Secure the shared border between Canada and the United States, while respecting the laws and jurisdiction of each nation
  • Focus on national security and target organized crime and other criminal activity between the ports of entry
  • Collaborate with municipal, provincial, state, federal and First Nation law enforcement agencies, stakeholder agencies and related government departments

IBET is a cooperative bi-national initiative that ensures that borders are open for trade, but closed to crime.