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Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre

The RCMP has established a Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (HTNCC) at RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa.

The Centre provides a focal point for law enforcement in their efforts to combat and disrupt individuals and criminal organizations involved in Human Trafficking activities.

The HTNCC has five priorities:

  1. Develop tools, protocols and guidelines to facilitate Human Trafficking investigations.
  2. Coordinate national awareness/training and anti-trafficking initiatives.
  3. Identify and maintain lines of communication, identify issues for integrated coordination and provide support
  4. Develop and maintain international partnerships and coordinate international initiatives.
  5. Coordinate intelligence and facilitate the dissemination of all sources of information/ intelligence.

Summary of human trafficking convictions

As of January, 2015, there have been:

  • 85 completed HT specific cases where convictions were secured.
  • 151 individuals convicted of HT specific and/or HT related offences (i.e. forcible confinement, sexual assault, procuring, etc.) in HT specific cases.