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Laboratory Services - Trace Evidence

Trace Evidence

Physical evidence routinely examined includes: paint, fire debris, clothing and footwear, glass, fibres and textiles, safe insulation, and a wide range of commercial products. The examination of exhibits may be classified into two categories: the identification of an unknown substance; and the comparison of “known” and “questioned” exhibits. Services include:

  • recovering, comparing and identifying non-biological trace evidence (paint, potential fire accelerants, glass, fibres and textiles, plastics, building products, safe insulation and commercial products);
  • conducting physical matching of the seized materials;
  • providing scientific and technical support to other forensic disciplines; and
  • hosting and supporting the Paint Data Query (PDQ) database.
  • Paint Data Query (PDQ)


Services include:

  • analyzing pre- and post-blast samples to determine type of explosive;
  • analyzing explosives ingredients and related materials;
  • providing scene assistance including use of explosives detectors; and
  • providing scientific and technical support to bomb disposal and other experts in the field.