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Forensic Assessment Centre

The Forensic Assessment Centre (FAC) is the first point of contact for investigators and clients requiring RCMP Laboratory analysis. FAC representatives will help to ensure that the correct services are selected and the most probative evidence is analyzed first. In complex cases, FAC will work collaboratively with investigators and clients to develop a strategy for managing the case so that the forensic questions are answered.

Instructions for making requests for laboratory analysis

  1. Complete Service Request form C-414. If the request is for an Independent Opinion for an Impaired Driving Charge, please complete the Independent Opinion Check sheet and/or the Toxicology Check Sheet. These can be obtained from the FAC.
  2. Send the completed C-414 and applicable Check Sheet to the Forensic Assessment Centre by fax to 1-877-243-5047. If you have questions or require additional information, you may contact the FAC by phone at 1-866-677-5227.
  3. A FAC Representative will contact you to authorize the service request or discuss the file. This may include discussion about exhibit selection and prioritization of exhibits.
  4. You will receive a case authorization by fax or email which will include instructions for packaging and submitting exhibits to the Evidence Management to the appropriate laboratory sites. The authorization will include a diary date (number of days) which you can expect the analysis to be completed.
  5. The FAC will remain your key point of contact for information about the file or to answer questions.  When necessary, FAC will consult a Subject Matter Expert to have specific questions answered for you.

Suspect travel documents, currency and payment cards

Only submissions of suspect travel documents (passports, visas, etc.), currency and payment cards to the Ottawa site of the National Anti-counterfeiting Bureau may be made directly and without preauthorization.

National Anti-Counterfeiting Bureau (NACB)
Forensic Science & Identification Services
1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2
Tel: (613) 993 0664
Fax: (613) 952 7325