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Immediate Action Rapid Deployment (IARD) Program

  • IARD can best be defined as the swift and immediate deployment of law enforcement resources to an ongoing , life threatening situation where delayed deployment could result in death or grievous bodily harm to innocent persons.
  • The safety and security of young people is one of the RCMP's strategic priorities. With that in mind, and as a result of several tragic shootings in recent years in both Canada and the U.S., the RCMP has developed a training program and policies to address such threats, called the Immediate Action Rapid Deployment program (some refer to such tactics as "active aggressor" training).
  • IARD allows trained RCMP members to engage a threat such as an active shooter immediately, and to take whatever action they deem necessary, as opposed to attempting to contain a threat. The ultimate goal of IARD is the safety of the public.
  • The RCMP is in the process of evaluating and researching new tools that will enhance public and member safety during active shooter incidents (i.e. enhanced body armour and appropriate weapon systems) .