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Forensic Identification Services

Forensic Identification Services


  • Forensic Imaging Services processed 76,179 rolls of film in 2003.
  • Forensic Identification Specialists undergo a four year training program to become certified.


Forensic Identification Services, within the National Police Services (NPS) Forensic Science and Identification Services, establishes, implements and oversees the following programs:

Forensic Identification Services

provides three levels of service delivery within the identification discipline to RCMP and external clients:

The Scenes of Crime Officer Program includes general duty RCMP members who respond to minor property offences.

Certified Forensic Identification Specialists consists of police officers who, after appropriate formal forensic training, provide technical and investigative expertise at crime scenes, accidental deaths, and disasters.

Regional Forensic Identification Support Services and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response provides technical forensic support to all accredited police agencies in Canada.

Forensic Imaging Services

Provides imaging and photographic services in support of RCMP operations.

Also within Forensic Identification Operation Support Services is Forensic Identification Research Services, which provides specialists with information related to the best methods for the recovery and treatment of crime scene evidence.