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Financial Crime

The Financial Crime Program in the RCMP contributes to the security of the Canadian economy and seeks to protect Canadians and their governments from financial crimes perpetrated by organized crime and others.

The Financial Crime Program is delivered in partnership with international and domestic government agencies, domestic stakeholders and the community at large.

The Financial Crime Program is made up of three Branches:

Commercial Crime Branch’s role is to reduce, control and prevent business-related or white-collar crimes. These may include fraud and false pretenses, offences against the Government of Canada, the corruption of public officials, the insolvency process, counterfeiting and numerous others.

Proceeds of Crime Branch

  • is a significant partner in the Integrated Proceeds of Crime (IPOC) initiative.
  • oversees the RCMP’s contribution to the partnership against money laundering.
  • reports to the Minister of Public Safety Canada (PSC).

The objectives of IPOC are to: identify, restrain, and forfeit illicit and unreported wealth accumulated through criminal activity. IPOC is an integral partner in the federal government’s National Money Laundering Strategy and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) .

Integrated Market Enforcement Teams (IMETs) represent a new Government of Canada initiative focusing on the most serious cases of corporate and market fraud. The teams include highly qualified RCMP financial investigators, lawyers and other investigative experts. The teams are jointly managed by the RCMP and partner departments and agencies.