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Bob Paulson, Commissioner

Commissioner Bob Paulson


Commissioner Bob Paulson joined the RCMP in 1986 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Prior to joining the RCMP, Commissioner Paulson served for almost seven years in the Canadian Armed Forces.

From 1986 to 2005, Commissioner Paulson policed in various locations in British Columbia at the municipal, provincial and federal policing levels. This included work related to unsolved homicides, aboriginal and community policing, and investigating organized crime. In 2005, Commissioner Paulson transferred to National Headquarters in Ottawa, where he served in Major and Organized Crime Intelligence Branch and National Security Criminal Operations. In November 2008, he was promoted to Assistant Commissioner, National Security Criminal Investigations and then Assistant Commissioner, Contract and Aboriginal Policing Services. In November 2010, he was appointed Deputy Commissioner, Federal Policing.

Commissioner Paulson became the 23rd Commissioner of the RCMP on November 21, 2011.

In November of 2012, Commissioner Paulson was elected to the Executive Committee of Interpol as the Delegate for the Americas.

He has a son and two daughters. Commissioner Paulson and his wife Ms. Erin O’Gorman reside in Ottawa.