Structured Resume and Police Experience

Please list all of the relevant qualifications and experience to ensure that a complete assessment of your skills and abilities can be conducted.

Structured Resume

  • Ensure that your Structured Resume includes all criteria in the following example.
  • Please use the following format and keep your text to a total of two (2) pages or less.

Format for structured resume

Name and Contact Information


  • High School/Secondary School diploma (equivalent);
  • College and/or university courses/program completed; and
  • Courses taken via correspondence.

Employment History (Last 10 years)

  • List all employment within the last 10 years to current date;
  • Brief job description for each employment;
  • Details on any supervisory positions held; and
  • Two current performance evaluations/appraisals.

Police Training

  • List your basic police training courses;
  • List all additional training courses, licences, certificates or degrees relevant to policing; and
  • List any experience in a specialized unit (eg, Drugs, Child Exploitation, Surveillance).

Police Experience

  • Request a copy of the RCMP Police Competency definitions and form from your provincial recruiting office. You are required to use these definitions to provide your examples.
  • Using the competency definitions received from your local recruiting office; provide two (2) different examples for each of the following police competencies being assessed using the S.T.A.R. format and keep your text to a total of nine (9) pages or less.


Describe your:

  • ability and experience to prepare and present testimony in court;
  • abilities and experience in obtaining judicial authorizations (e.g., warrants, Promise to Appear, Summons etc.);
  • experience and knowledge of investigative interviewing techniques;
  • experience and ability to conduct investigations;
  • experience in concern for safety; and
  • experience and knowledge of applicable legislation and policies, procedures and strategic priorities.
  • flexibility
  • communication
  • teamwork
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