RCMP Reserve Program

We are reservists. Reconnect. Re-energize. Reboot.

What's new

In 2018, the Federal Government announced the expansion of the Program to 1200 Reservists.

What is it?

The RCMP's Reserve Program employs former police officers to fill temporary vacancies within the Force.

Who can apply?

Police officers who are either about to retire, have recently retired, or have resigned in good standing. The RCMP will soon be accepting applications from other Canadian municipal/provincial police forces.

Why become an RCMP Reservist?

As a former police officer, you are continuing to contribute to your community and earn a salary, all without making a long-term commitment.

What does a Reservist do?

As a Reservist, you may fill in for members on parental or long-term sick leave, during special events, seasonally, or at times of emergency when help is required.

Reservists have the powers, duties and responsibilities of an RCMP police officer when called upon for duty.

Where can I find out more?

For details on qualifications and how to apply, please send us an email: RCMP.ReserveExternal-ReserveExterne.GRC@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

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