Quebec - 2016 success stories

The success stories highlighted in this report are just a few examples of how the RCMP demonstrates its commitment to the Government of Canada's Public Service Renewal initiative. Through innovative initiatives and programs, the RCMP works with its partners, connects with communities and supports its people in order to keep Canadians safe.

The Functional Strength and Conditioning Program

The Quebec RCMP Divisional Fitness & Lifestyle Advisors developed the Functional Strength & Conditioning Program to improve users' current level of fitness and to prepare them for the challenges of daily living, operational duties or job performance. Every day, whether at work or at home, every person encounters physical challenges, some of which are relatively effortless while others could result in serious injury if not performed properly. Therefore, the goal of this four-level functional strength and conditioning program is to prepare police officers and all Canadians for their physical challenges.

Quebec RCMP certified as a Healthy Organization – Elite status

The Bureau de normalisation du Québec created the Healthy Enterprise Certification Program to encourage companies to take concrete actions that contribute to their employees' health and wellness. The program sets out criteria and measures that must be met in four categories in order to be certified. The categories are: employee living habits, work-life balance, workplace environment, and management practices. There are two levels of certification – Healthy Organization and Healthy Organization – Elite. The Quebec RCMP was the first federal institution and police force to achieve the Healthy Enterprise – Elite status.

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