Processing fees for Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector checks

Depending on the reason why you apply for a Criminal Record or Vulnerable Sector (VS) check, there might be a processing fee. Read the information below carefully to determine if you have to pay or not.

The federal processing fee is $25 CAN for each criminal record and/or VS check. Payment will be collected by the police service or the accredited company for electronic transactions. If your fingerprints must be submitted on paper, the RCMP will accept certified cheques, money orders or American Express Travelers cheques made to the Receiver General for Canada. This fee is in addition to any local service fees required for fingerprinting by a police service, RCMP detachment and/or an accredited fingerprinting company. These fees are not regulated nationally.

You must pay the federal processing fees if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You are adopting a child, in Canada or overseas
  • You are traveling and need a visa, a US Waiver, or a border crossing document
  • You are applying for a job with a private business or the municipal/provincial government
  • You are applying for a record suspension (formerly pardon)
  • You are applying for student placement
  • You are applying for a name change
  • You are living with a vulnerable person who requires a record check be done on you
  • You are sponsoring a family member to come to Canada

You do not pay the federal processing fee if you need a record check for one of the following situations:

  • You are applying for Canadian citizenship
  • You are applying to immigrate to Canada
  • You are applying for a job in the federal government (this is requested by your departmental security officer)
  • You are applying to join a Canadian police force (when requested by the police force)
  • You are making a request under the Privacy Act
  • You are applying to do volunteer work in Canada Footnote *
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