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Request under the Privacy Act

In its day-to-day operations, federal government departments and agencies collect personal information from almost all Canadians. The Privacy Act gives Canadian citizens and people present in Canada the right to have access to information that is held about them by the federal government. It also protects against unauthorized disclosure of that personal information. In addition, it strictly controls how the government will collect, use, store, disclose and dispose of that information.

You can apply for a copy of your criminal record by making a request under the Privacy Act. It is important to note that the report you'll receive cannot be used as a certified copy of a criminal record as it will not have the official RCMP seal or format.

The report you'll obtain with your request under the Privacy Act is based on a fingerprint search. It will contain a copy of the National Repository data holding as it exists, without fingerprints. It will contain only that information permitted to be disclosed under federal law.

There is no obligation to share this information with a third party; however, if you decide to do so, you may be sharing additional information to which the third party would have no legal rights of access. The report could contain criminal record information that would have previously been rendered not "disclosable" due to a record suspension/pardon in accordance with the Criminal Records Act. It can also include criminal record information archived in accordance with either the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the Young Offender Act or the Criminal Records Act.

If you wish to request a copy of information about you held in the RCMP National Repository of Canadian Criminal Records pursuant to the Privacy Act, you will need to:

  1. Follow the steps to request a criminal record check. Make sure you indicate that you make your request under the"Privacy Act".
  2. Complete and sign a Privacy Act, "InfoSource, Personal Information request" form TBC350-58 (PDF).
    Clearly state on the request which information you require:

    • copy of RCMP Criminal Record data holding including active criminal history, pardon record and archive record
    • copy of RCMP Criminal Record data holding for record suspension
    • copy of RCMP National Repository entire holdings

For more information on InfoSource and to find the right ATIP coordinator, please email us.


Faxed or photocopied signatures are not accepted.

The $25 CAD Government of Canada fee does not apply to a Privacy Act request. Results will be sent directly to the individual to whom the information belongs - never to a third party.

Release of Criminal Record for which you received a record suspension (formerly Pardoned Record) for a U.S. Waiver

Through international agreements, the RCMP shares criminal records information with foreign authorities who may register this information in their databank.

If you have been convicted of an offence, you may subsequently be refused entry into another country, even if you have since been granted a record suspension in Canada.

Many foreign countries, including the U.S., do not recognize a Canadian record suspension. They may require you to produce a copy of your suspended criminal record in order to determine if you will be admitted to their country. The RCMP has no control over this process.

To obtain a copy of your criminal record for which you received a record suspension, follow the same steps to obtain a certified criminal record or a vulnerable sector check.

The $25 CAD Government of Canada fee does not apply to process a criminal record for which you received a record suspension under the Privacy Act. The results will be returned directly to you.

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