Nova Scotia - 2016 success stories

The success stories highlighted in this report are just a few examples of how the RCMP demonstrates its commitment to the Government of Canada's Public Service Renewal initiative. Through innovative initiatives and programs, the RCMP works with its partners, connects with communities and supports its people in order to keep Canadians safe.

Helping women with high-risk lifestyles to improve safety

The Nova Scotia RCMP Eskasoni Detachment's program We Care brings together the community, police and social agencies to teach, track and provide counselling to women involved in high-risk lifestyles. The women in the program will receive devices to help connect them with local agencies, such as family services or mental health crisis centres. The devices also provide police with a way to locate the women and connect with them to make sure they are okay if/when there are concerns for their well-being.

The Gold River First Nation Community RCMP Cadet Corps

Thanks to a private donation to the RCMP Foundation, a new RCMP Cadet Corps for youth from the Gold River First Nation Community is being established. A member of the Gold River Band will be hired to lead the group with support from the local RCMP school resource officer. Youth between the ages of 6 and 12 years old will meet once per week for two hours and participate in drills and other activities that foster positive life skills. The Cadet Corps will also serve as a pilot project and could potentially lead to creating other First Nations RCMP Cadet Corps throughout the province.

Nova Scotia RCMP First Nations recruiting strategy

One of Nova Scotia RCMP's priorities is to continually strengthen our relationship with the province's First Nations communities. This includes a strategy and activities to boost First Nations recruiting. Through our detachments that serve First Nations communities, our proactive recruiter has engaged various Chiefs and Councils in order to identify the strongest potential applicants from their communities and hold First Nation specific recruiting activities and RCMP entrance exam preparation sessions.

Nova Scotia RCMP also has a First Nations Mentorship Program. Through this program, First Nations officers throughout the province volunteer to mentor potential First Nations applicants. This provides applicants with a direct link to an RCMP officer for any questions or concerns they may have and this relationship continues throughout the application process until graduation from the RCMP's Training Academy (Depot).

The Nova Scotia RCMP's Community, Aboriginal, Diversity Policing Services also coordinates Nova Scotia RCMP's participation in annual First Nations youth camps that give youth a Depot experience. This summer, Nova Scotia RCMP sent to Depot six youth from various communities where they experienced Depot life for one week and participated in drills, firearms training, self-defence training and graduated at the end of the week.

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