Saskatchewan RCMP is committed to continue supporting and further developing positive relationships with our communities

August 10, 2018
Regina, Saskatchewan



Recently, lawyer Chris Murphy provided a media interview where he stated that the RCMP in Saskatchewan interact with Indigenous individuals differently than non-Indigenous individuals. In response to these comments, the RCMP would like to provide the following.

This does not present an accurate depiction of the day-to-day reality of the relationships our Saskatchewan RCMP officers and employees have with communities across the province.

Our officers and employees work closely with our partners and stakeholders to ensure we are delivering the best policing service. Investigations are conducted objectively, thoroughly and without bias.

Positive relationships between the Saskatchewan RCMP and Indigenous communities continue to be the norm. Saskatchewan RCMP employees have long been engaged with Indigenous communities and leaders at all levels from local detachments to our most senior managers.

There are many examples of employees across the province who are working to build trust, strengthen relationships, and address challenges through their involvement with their local justice committees, youth activities and elders.

"Every day Saskatchewan RCMP officers and employees work collaboratively with our communities both Indigenous and non-Indigenous," said A/Commr. Zablocki, Saskatchewan RCMP Commanding Officer. "The Saskatchewan RCMP is committed to continue supporting and further developing these positive relationships."


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