Enhancing community safety in Whitehorse through proactive bike patrols

August 7, 2018
Whitehorse, Yukon

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Four of the six newly trained bike patrol officers from Whitehorse RCMP, in front of a Welcome to Whitehorse sign, with the Yukon River in the background.
Two officers on mountain bikes, heading out to patrol the Millennium Trail in Whitehorse

Whitehorse RCMP are stepping up enforcement in the city with proactive bike patrols.

Six Whitehorse RCMP officers are hitting the streets and trails after taking part in the RCMP Mountain Bike Patrol User course in mid-July. The one-week course provided officers with tactical and mountain bike skills training specific to policing. Three Whitehorse-based RCMP officers were already trained, and will join these newly trained members on patrols.

"Given the high volume of calls that we get at Whitehorse detachment, we don't get a chance to proactively interact with the community as much as we'd like to," said Inspector Keith MacKinnon, Whitehorse RCMP Detachment Commander. "These bike patrols will get our members out chatting with community members, businesses and tourists, while enhancing community safety in the city."

The bike patrols started last week. On their first shift, two officers hit the Millennium Trail, the waterfront, and later made a stop at Shipyards Park to say hi to some local children at a lemonade stand.

Future patrols will occur on various days of the week, at different times of the day. Officers will travel in teams of two, and will be supported by units at Whitehorse detachment, as required. Initial efforts will focus on areas of concerns raised by the community, as well as areas that can be difficult to patrol by vehicle, including the Millennium Trail, the riverfront, local parks, and parts of the downtown core. Patrols will occasionally occur in subdivisions and residential areas outside of downtown as well.

Bike patrols will complement existing resources at Whitehorse detachment. The intention is to grow the RCMP's footprint on the streets of Whitehorse. Patrols are expected to continue well into September, and may be extended into October, depending on the weather.


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