Together for Safety: Safety Survey Results now Available

August 25, 2017
Whitehorse, Yukon

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Note: Whitehorse RCMP is a signatory to Together for Safety.

During the 2016 12 Days to End Violence against Women, the Together for Safety signatories put out a survey asking Whitehorse women about their perceptions of personal and community safety. The survey was available at 16 agencies, online and at 12 Days to End Violence against Women events.

The results of the survey are now available:

  • 147 women and girls completed the survey;
  • Public buildings and facilities and women-focused agencies were considered safe places by respondents;
  • Drinking establishments, the Millennium Trail and the waterfront were considered unsafe by respondents;
  • Things that made respondents feel safe:
    • good lighting
    • emergency responders
    • neighbours
    • being with other people
    • having a cellphone
  • Things that made respondents feel unsafe:
    • dark, empty areas
    • inebriation and substance use
    • aggressive behaviour
    • crime
    • RCMP response time
    • access to transit and phones
  • Of the 147 respondents, 63 stated they had been a victim of a crime;
  • 44 of the 63 respondents indicated that they had reported the crime to the Whitehorse RCMP;
  • Victims of crime who reported the crime to Whitehorse RCMP stated a 5.6 comfort level out of 10 when they reported;
  • Those who hadn't identified as a victim of crime anticipated a comfort level of 7 out 10 should they report to RCMP in the future.

When asked what would make them feel more comfortable in reporting a crime to the police, respondents indicated they would like to see better feedback on the outcome of reporting, access to female officers, empathetic officers, knowing that victims would be taken seriously, anonymity, and being accompanied by a friend or support service.

To help address safety, respondents also called for education to prevent violence and abuse in Whitehorse.

The signatories of Together for Safety would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the Safety Survey. The data collected will be useful in helping to inform the work of the signatories moving forward.

Together for Safety aims to bolster the dignity of women who are victims of crime by encouraging compassionate responses — from RCMP officers, the media and the general public. From compassion comes dignity; from dignity, strength; from strength, hope.

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