St. Stephen RCMP to focus on stop sign infractions in October

September 28, 2017
St. Stephen, New Brunswick

News release

The St. Stephen RCMP is increasing enforcement efforts on vehicles not coming to a complete stop in the St. Stephen and McAdam areas. The operation will be active the entire month of October.

"So far this year, the St. Stephen RCMP has responded to two serious collisions cause by failing to stop at a stop sign. Fortunately, the people involved only sustained minor injuries," says Sgt. Peter Stubbs, the St. Stephen RCMP Detachment Commander. "We've also had property damage caused by drivers failing to stop at intersections, stop signs or traffic lights. Our hope is this targeted campaign will help drivers be more aware of where they need to come to a complete stop."

Police will be taking a zero tolerance approach towards drivers that do not come to a complete stop at stop signs. Those who do not comply could be ticketed and face a fine of $172.50.


Contact information

Sgt. Peter Stubbs
St. Stephen Detachment
West District RCMP

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