RCMP reminding motorists to be aware of students, school zones

August 31, 2017
Moncton, New Brunswick

News release

The Codiac Regional RCMP is reminding motorists to be aware as New Brunswick students head back to classes.

Police will be monitoring for speeding in school zones, as well as enforcing laws to not pass school buses with flashing lights. They will also be watching to ensure motorists are respecting area crosswalks.

"This is a busy time of the year, and many people's commuting patterns are changing," says S/Sgt. Eric Larose of the Codiac Regional RCMP. "A little extra care and attention will ensure this is a happy and safe school year for everyone."

Police are reminding motorists to:

  • Slow down in school zones: Motorists must slow to a maximum of 30 km/h in school zones when children are present and the speed limit is 50 km/h.
  • Stop for school buses: Drivers must stop when they approach a school bus that has its red lights flashing and remain stopped until the lights are turned off. Drivers who do not stop for school buses may be fined.
  • Exercise caution at intersections: Drivers should treat all intersections as implied crosswalks, especially in busy areas. At intersections with a crossing guard, drivers should wait until the guard says it's safe to cross.

"Traffic safety is a two-way street, and so it's also up to pedestrians to do what they can to keep everyone safe," says S/Sgt. Larose. "Parents and guardians should talk to their children about safety when it comes to roadways. For example, when students exit the bus, they should walk 10 feet in front of the bus and wait until the driver says it's safe to cross the street."

Other important pedestrian safety tips include looking both ways before crossing the street, making eye contact with the driver before stepping off the curb, and avoiding distractions such as texting while walking.


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S/Sgt. Eric Larose
Codiac Regional RCMP

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