RCMP organizes a fentanyl dog training workshop following requests from law enforcement agencies across North America

June 28, 2017
Innisfail, Alberta

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Representatives from the 11 North American law enforcement agencies getting trained during the RCMP K9 Fentanyl Detection Workshop on June 28-29, 2017, in Innisfail, Alberta.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) K9 Fentanyl Detection Workshop started this morning at 9:00 MDT at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre (PDSTC) in Innisfail, Alberta.

The PDSTC received numerous requests for information from law enforcement agencies across North America following the announcement, last February, of its development of an efficient and safe method to train RCMP police dogs to detect fentanyl. In response, the PDSTC organized this workshop to share its findings.

This is the first meeting of its kind, where law enforcement agencies from neighbouring countries gather to learn the same scientific methods and dog training techniques in an effort to stop the spread of illegal fentanyl.

Thirty-five (35) participants from Canadian, American and Mexican law enforcement agencies are meeting for the two-day workshop. They will learn RCMP methods and safe practices for the mixing of a fentanyl liquid form, for the training of their dogs with a dangerous scent and for the teaching of a new expected dog behaviour in the presence of fentanyl in the field. Dogs in attendance should be able to detect fentanyl by the end of the workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to pass on the information to the participating agencies so they can go home and implement the RCMP's safe techniques.

Organizations present are: Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Canada Border Services Agency; Alberta Correctional Services; Lethbridge Police Service; Winnipeg Police Service; U.S. Department of Homeland Security; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; U.S. Consulate in Nogales, Mexico; Broward County Sheriff's Office; Policía Federal de México (Mexico Federal Police); and Sonora State Police.

There are 139 RCMP narcotics-profile dogs posted across Canada. Their fentanyl detection training is on track and will be completed by mid-July 2017.

The RCMP PDSTC is part of RCMP Depot Division.


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