RCMP in Cumberland County busy with traffic enforcement

November 13, 2017
Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

News release

Over the past weekend, members of RCMP Northwest Traffic Services in Amherst and Cumberland District RCMP issued a total of 50 tickets and warnings to drivers in Cumberland County for various offences under the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act.

On November 11, on Hwy. 104 in Salt Springs:

  • Two men, aged 18 and 19 years, were charged for stunting when they were both noted to be travelling at 54 km/hr over the speed limit in Salt Springs. They were in separate vehicles. Both received fines of $2422.50, and both vehicles were towed and seized for seven days.

On November 12, on Hwy. 104 between Fort Lawrence and Fenwick:

  • Twenty-four drivers were charged with offences under the Move Over Law. The fine for this offence ranges from $237.50 to $2422.50.
  • Seven drivers were charged with speeding. The fines for speeding in Nova Scotia range from $237.50 to $410.00. Drivers will also receive points on their licences and if they are speeding by more than 16 km/hr over the limit, they will also receive a seven-day driving suspension.
  • One passenger was charged for not wearing a seatbelt. The fine for drivers and passengers over 16 who are not wearing their seat belt when one is available is $180.00 and two points.
  • RCMP also issued 16 warnings and two defect notices to drivers for various offences under the NS Motor Vehicle Act.

Keeping drivers safe on our roads is a priority for Nova Scotia RCMP. Driver behaviours such as speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and use of occupant restraints are the RCMP's focus when it comes to road safety. Enforcement in these areas has been shown to decrease the numbers of serious injury and fatal collisions in Nova Scotia. The RCMP is asking drivers to keep their focus on driving safely, and report dangerous drivers by calling 1-800-803-RCMP (7267) or 911.


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