68 drivers ticketed for stop sign infractions

November 7, 2017
St. Stephen and McAdam, New Brunswick

News release

The West District RCMP has ticketed 68 drivers with failing to stop at a stop sign during a month-long traffic initiative in St. Stephen and McAdam.

In response to concerns from area residents, the St. Stephen RCMP detachment ran an initiative targeting stop sign infractions during the month of October. Fifty-two drivers were ticketed in the first two weeks of the campaign.

"In the second half of October, we ticketed 16 drivers for failing to stop at a stop sign," says Sgt. Peter Stubbs of the St. Stephen RCMP. "We're pleased to see that people seem to be getting the message that you must come to a full and complete stop at any stop sign before proceeding."

Drivers who fail to stop at a stop sign face a fine of $172.50.


Contact information

Sgt. Peter Stubbs
West District RCMP
St. Stephen Detachment

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