Contraband tobacco trafficking at the Port of Valleyfield: seven persons arrested

March 15, 2017
Valleyfield, Quebec

News release

Valleyfield Detachment officers arrested this morning seven subjects involved in contraband tobacco trafficking. These arrests conclude this investigation dealing with the smuggling of illegal tobacco through the Port of Valleyfield.

On November 24, 2014, the investigators arrested two subjects who were collecting contraband tobacco in a container located on the grounds of the Valleyfield Port Corporation. The investigation that ensued showed that between August 28, 2012 and November 24, 2014, the subjects used this container to smuggle unstamped chopped tobacco.

In addition, six more subjects directly involved in the scheme were formally identified through this investigation. All seven men arrested are residents of the Valleyfield region. They are:

  • Denis Roy, 61
  • Gilbert Landry, 43
  • Stéphane Vigneault-Arseneault, 34
  • Maxim Dandurand, 29
  • Benoit Grimard, 33
  • Joey Dandurand, 41
  • Olivier Bigras, 34.

They are scheduled to appear in court today in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to face criminal charges under section 32(1) of the Excise Act, 2001.


2017-03-15 at 1:50 pm - Marco Dandurand, 47, was arrested.


Wanted: Marco Dandurand, 47

Funding of organized crime

The illicit tobacco trade presents a threat to the health and safety of Canadians. It is illegal to possess or sell tobacco products that are not packaged or stamped as required by Canadian law. People should be aware that they are funding criminal activity when they purchase contraband tobacco products.

If you have information concerning the sale of illegal tobacco products or other suspected illicit activity, please contact the RCMP at 1 800 771-5401.


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