Launch of the RCMP Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide

October 26, 2016

News release


Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide cover page

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Quebec wishes to inform the public of a new national security awareness tool now available to everyone: the Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide.

This guide is intended for first responders, parents, colleagues or friends of persons at risk alike and is meant to help the reader to better understand and recognize the growing phenomenon of radicalization to violence.

It contains a host of information, including indicators of radicalization and early signs of a terrorist attack. It also explains the phenomenon of radicalization to violence and provides contact information for local agencies (government and non-government) to which you can ask for assistance or report suspicious behaviours.

Terrorism is an intricate question that represents the main threat to national security in Canada. It is essential for everyone to better understand and recognize this phenomenon.

The Guide is available in electronic format free of charge in both English and French. You may download it on iBook Store. You may also refer to it online or download the PDF version on our website.

Excerpt from the Guide:

"My son was polite, bright and curious. He liked helping people. He was my oldest son. It all happened so fast… He changed environment and friends. I had small doubts, but I never would have thought that he could leave everything, leave us… Since then, our life has changed completely and we still don't understand what happened…"

Father of a young man who left to fight in Syria.

The Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide has been produced by the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team and the Communications Office of the RCMP/C Division (Quebec). In collaboration with the Counter Terrorism and National Security Committee, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the Police Counter-Terrorism Management Structure in Quebec.

Media Invitation

October is a particularly significant month in Quebec in terms of terrorism-related issues. Media representatives interested in discussing ongoing prevention and awareness initiatives are invited to contact the RCMP Communications Office. Our spokesperson, the Superintendent Martine Fontaine, will be available for interviews.


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