Banknote Counterfeiting Ring Investigation Leads to Seizures and Arrests

June 23, 2016
Montreal, Quebec

News release

Yesterday, the RCMP arrested five persons allegedly involved in a network specializing in making and uttering counterfeit money in the Greater Montreal area. Two searches were carried out in Montréal. More than $20,000 in counterfeit money and material used to make counterfeit money and false credit cards were seized. The operation was conducted in collaboration with the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal.

The investigation launched in 2014 had also led investigators to a laboratory used for making false currency. Notes in denominations of $100 and $20 at various stages of production, totalling $96,640, had also been seized.

Three individuals will appear today at the Montréal Court House. They will be facing several charges, including possession of counterfeit money, making counterfeit money and uttering counterfeit money. They are:

  • Normand MORIN, 53, of Montréal
  • Alexandre CHAMBERLAND, 36, of Montréal
  • Jonathan ARCHER, 37, of Montréal.

Birds of Canada Series

In December 2013, the Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Team investigators observed that counterfeit $100 banknotes from the Birds of Canada series were surfacing in Quebec. In 2014, such counterfeit notes accounted for one third of all counterfeit banknotes in Quebec, representing losses estimated at more than 1.2 million dollars. Notes from this series ceased being issued in the early 2000s and were systematically withdrawn from circulation. The Bank of Canada now issues polymer notes, which are much safer.

Prevention and Detection

Banknote counterfeiting is still a common type of fraud. Police encourage consumers and retailers to remain vigilant and to show preventive behaviour.

Public Appeal

If you have any information on banknote counterfeiting activity, please contact the RCMP Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Team at 514-939-8319 or your local police department.


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