RCMP Auxiliary Program

December 22, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario

News release

The RCMP announced the following changes today to its Auxiliary Program following extensive consultation with its Auxiliaries, its provincial, territorial and municipal partners and other stakeholders:

Program Name:

RCMP Auxiliary Program.


Tiered model including three tiers which will allow divisions and contract partners to choose one or any combination of the tiers based on local needs and circumstances.

  • Tier 1: Tier 1 provides RCMP Auxiliaries an opportunity to participate in community policing services, such as public safety education and crime prevention initiatives. This Tier requires general supervision. Under Tier 1, Auxiliaries would not be given peace officer status.
  • Tier 2: Tier 2 includes all of the duties listed in Tier 1 with the addition of assisting at major events, community presence via foot and bicycle patrols, crowd and traffic control duties, training support and delivery, disaster assistance and search and rescue operations assistance. Tier 2 does not include general duty patrols (ride-a-longs). Auxiliaries under Tier 2 would be under the direct supervision of a regular member of the RCMP. Tier 2 would provide peace officer status where provincial/ territorial legislation permits.
  • Tier 3: Tier 3 includes a combination of duties from both Tier 1 and Tier 2 with the addition of General Duty Patrols and Check Stops. Tier 3 would provide peace officer status where provincial/ territorial legislation permits.
Training standards:

Mandatory national training standards will be developed for all three Tiers within the Tiered model. Contract and Aboriginal Policing and RCMP Learning and Development will work to finalize course training standards.

Uniform options:

Uniform options have yet to be finalized. High visibility garments will be included in the uniforms as well as the word "Volunteer" being added. Contract and Aboriginal Policing will be working closely with the Uniform and Equipment Program on this issue, and final options will be shared when they are available.

"These changes have been made based on evidence and extensive, thoughtful consultation," said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Kevin Brosseau, Contract and Aboriginal Policing. "I am confident they will improve the program, and contribute to the safety of our Auxiliaries, our police officers and the public we serve. We're very encouraged and excited about the future of this program."

The RCMP will work closely with its divisions and provincial and territorial governments in organising and administering the new program in the coming months.


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