RCMP releases review into sexual misconduct allegations at the Canadian Police College

July 14, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario


The RCMP has released the findings and recommendations of a review concerning investigations of sexual misconduct at the Canadian Police College. A review of the investigations was ordered after the RCMP Commissioner was made aware of additional circumstances related to the events and their subsequent investigations.

The review was overseen by Mr. Paul Kennedy, the former Chair of the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP, who was brought in as an independent, external observer.

As a result of the findings identified during the process review, 28 recommendations have been made to RCMP senior executive. These recommendations address specific lessons learned from the investigations into these events, as well as a wide range of issues, including governance, human resource management, and accountability and communication practices in the RCMP.

The RCMP fully supports the findings and accepts the recommendations. In implementing the recommendations, the RCMP is committed to ensuring that every employee understands and models the values and culture of a professional policing institution, and that abhorrent behaviour is not accepted in the workplace.

The review, its findings, recommendations and the RCMP's response and Mr. Kennedy's statement are available at: http://www.rcmp.gc.ca/en/report-allegations-harassment-and-sexual-misconduct-the-rcmps-canadian-police-college-explosives

The RCMP would like to thank Mr. Kennedy for his assistance and participation.

Even though we have come a long way in addressing misconduct and harassment, we have more work ahead. I hope that my commitment to improving our practices and processes will instill confidence in all employees to come forward and speak out if you experience or witness misconduct.

Bob Paulson, Commissioner


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