The Quebec RCMP Receives a Distinction Award

June 10, 2015
Montreal, Quebec

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Commanding officer François Deschênes

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It is with great pride that on last May 24 we accepted a Distinction Award in the psychological health category granted by the Groupe Entreprises en santé. This award acknowledges our efforts and the initiatives implemented to improve the physical and mental health of our employees. The Distinction Award was presented to our Commanding Officer, Assistant Commissioner François Deschênes, at the Grand rassemblement pour la santé et le mieux-être en entreprise, a health and wellness in enterprise event.

Acting upstream to preserve your mental health at work

The Québec RCMP is part of a constantly growing network of Canadian organizations that recognize the heavy burden of inaction with regard to psychological health on the economy, their employees' personal and professional lives and their own productivity.

Certified as an Elite Healthy Enterprise since 2012 by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec, the Québec RCMP continues its efforts in terms of workplace mental health and safety with various accomplishments, including:

  • Holding a mental health awareness day where various professionals in the field met our employees to emphasize the importance of combating the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • Providing training to RCMP personnel to develop each employee's prevention skills and promote good organizational mental health practices in the workplace.
  • Establishing an internal network of contact persons to promote initiatives and best practices contributing to the health of employees.
  • Participating in a 3-year case study with the Mental Health Commission of Canada. With this, the Québec RCMP wishes to contribute to advance health research in Canadian organizations.
  • Finally, assessing the work units based on 13 psychosocial factors that impact employees' psychological responses to work and work conditions. These 13 factors are based on the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Concerned with the quality of life of its employees, the Québec RCMP implemented in 2009 an initiative called "Working towards Wellness" that places employees' mental and physical health at the heart of its priorities.

Left to right: Ms. Jeane Day, Director General, Groupe entreprises en santé, Mr. Roger Bertrand, Administrator and President, Groupe entreprises en santé, Ms. Nathalie Laporte, Honorary President of the Rassemblement, Mr. Patrick Cashman, CEO, Lundbeck Canada, Commanding Officer François Deschênes, Dr. Manon Charbonneau, Board member, Mental Health Commission of Canada, Mr. François Laflamme, President, Optima Santé globale, and Mr. Jacques Sauvageau, Vice-President and DG Quebec for Homewood Santé.


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