Annual Report - New Brunswick

Annual report

RCMP in New Brunswick Annual Report 2016

There is something about New Brunswick that always calls you back. In the mid-1980s, I began my career with the RCMP here in New Brunswick at the Perth-Andover detachment. I spent 11 years in the province before moving on to other roles. It was truly an honour to return to the province last year as the New Brunswick RCMP's Commanding Officer.

Annual report

RCMP in New Brunswick Annual Report 2015

Recently, I was at a restaurant, when I happened to overhear a conversation between the mayor and a citizen who was concerned because he didn't often see police at work in the community. The mayor's response was that this is in fact a great thing. It means they live in a safe and peaceful community, where public police interventions are not often necessary. It doesn't mean the police aren't there. It means they are focused on where they are most needed, targeting problem areas and those known to inflict the most harm on communities. In other words, they are busy working to ensure the public peace remains intact.

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