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Keeping Canadians safe by working internationally

Criminality is increasingly transnational in nature. Many of the RCMP's federal investigations extend beyond Canada's borders. The RCMP's International Policing Program works to promote collaboration between law enforcement agencies in Canada and abroad to better fight against global crimes.

For instance, Canadian police take part in international peace operations to support national and international efforts to reform and build a country's capacity to provide effective and professional police service. They also train and mentor foreign police in a variety of investigative matter, giving them the necessary skills to maintain law and order. This work also helps prevent illicit activities from spilling across borders into other countries.

Canadian liaison officers and analysts work around the world to support investigations in their host countries – as well as other countries – that have a connection to Canada.

INTERPOL provides a global network to share crime-related information. It has bureaus in 192 countries around the world. The RCMP operates Canada's INTERPOL National Central Bureau. The RCMP also operates the National Contact Point for the Europol network, which focuses on fighting serious international crime and terrorism.

Canadian police personnel are in high demand due to their expertise and capabilities. And they continue to remain flexible to meet the security needs of any host country.

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