Internal Audit, Evaluation and Review

Internal Audit, Evaluation and Review (IAER) within the RCMP undertakes various audits, evaluations and reviews of departmental policies, programs, initiatives and systems to:

  • provide assurance that controls, systems and practices are robust and functioning well;
  • verify that results, expected outcomes and objectives are being achieved;
  • determine compliance with government policies;
  • assist with the development of performance measurement strategies;
  • ensure significant risks have been identified, and that steps have been taken to mitigate them; and
  • provide the Commissioner and senior management objective, independent and credible information that can support informed decision making on policy, programs, expenditure management and allocation of resources.

IAER is headed by the Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive (CAEE). In order to maintain independence and objectivity, the CAEE reports directly to the Commissioner of the RCMP.

The Internal Audit group within IAER is required to comply with the Treasury Board Policy on Internal Audit, the Directive on Internal Auditing in the Government of Canada and Internal Auditing Standards for the Government of Canada. Internal Audit provides risk-based assurance services to senior management on the soundness of risk management strategies and practices, management control frameworks, systems and practices and information for decision-making and reporting. Internal audit reports are recommended by the Departmental Audit Committee – an independent oversight committee comprised of members external to the RCMP and the Government of Canada – and approved by the Commissioner prior to being made public on the RCMP internet site.

The Program Evaluation group is mandated by Treasury Board's Policy on Evaluation and Directive on the Evaluation Function. Evaluation provides credible, timely and neutral information on the ongoing relevance and performance of direct program spending. A committee of senior RCMP officials (referred to as the Departmental Evaluation Committee) advises the Commissioner on all evaluation and evaluation-related activities of the RCMP. Evaluation reports are presented to the Departmental Evaluation Committee for review and to recommend approval by the Commissioner. Once approved by the Commissioner, evaluation reports are made public by publishing on the RCMP internet site.

IAER is the sole organization authorized to complete internal audits and evaluations within the RCMP.

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