How to apply

Congratulations on taking the first step to a rewarding career!

Before you apply, you need to:

Costs for vision and hearing exams are the responsibility of the applicant and will not be reimbursed.

Once you have successfully completed vision and hearing exams and you have the forms confirming that you meet the minimum requirements, you can proceed with your online application. Please retain your completed forms until step three (3) of the application process.

  1. Submit an online application

    All applicants must apply online. RCMP police officer job openings are posted on the Government of Canada's job search bank. You can access them by searching "RCMP" under "Job title" and looking under the "Jobs open to the public" tab in the search results.

    You will need to create an account and complete your online application.

    Be aware that, if you answer "no" to any of the qualifications or requirements, or do not have your pre-application assessments and forms completed, you risk being rejected from the recruitment process and will not be permitted to reapply for a period of six (6) months.

    If you have questions about the application process, you may wish to attend a recruiting event or contact a recruiter prior to submitting your online application.

  2. Write the RCMP Entrance Exam

    If your application is successful you will be contacted by the RCMP to register for the Entrance Exam. Exam sessions are held in a number of cities and towns throughout the year.

    If you indicated on your online application that you possess a Bachelor's degree or a college diploma (minimum two-year) from a recognized post-secondary institution, you will not be required to write the exam and will move on to the next step in the process. You will be required to provide your university or college transcripts during the application process.

    Note: Before submitting your application, review the Entrance Exam page for details on what is considered "recognized post-secondary institution" to determine if you are eligible for this exemption.

  3. Forms completion

    Should you be selected to continue in the process, you will be instructed to download various forms that must be completed and returned by a specified date. You will also be required to obtain various personal documents, such as high school transcripts, statement of driving record, and fingerprints.

  4. Complete the Pre-Employment Polygraph Examination

    This stage is intended to review the questions and responses you provided in your Applicant Questionnaire (in step 3) and verify honesty and integrity.

  5. Have a health assessment

    A full health assessment, including full medical and psychological exams will be conducted by RCMP designated physicians. Cost of medical and psychological exams are absorbed by the RCMP.

  6. Undergo a field investigation and security clearance

    A thorough investigation into your background is conducted to help assess your character. If successful, a security clearance will be issued.

Once an applicant is deemed suitable, medically fit, and is security cleared, they are enrolled to begin the RCMP Cadet Training Program.

If you applied to become a police officer of the RCMP in the past and would like to resume the application process, please review the process for returning applicants.

To speak with a recruiter before submitting your application, you can attend one of the many recruiting events held across the country.

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