Depot - 2016 success stories

The success stories highlighted in this report are just a few examples of how the RCMP demonstrates its commitment to the Government of Canada's Public Service Renewal initiative. Through innovative initiatives and programs, the RCMP works with its partners, connects with communities and supports its people in order to keep Canadians safe.

The Aboriginal Mentorship Program

The Aboriginal Mentorship Program began in the fall of 2015 and has since grown to more than 50 mentees. New recruits are offered a chance to join the program as part of their RCMP selection package. The program, which is entirely voluntary, is intended to boost the RCMP's Aboriginal recruitment, increase the organization's diversity and help it better represent the more than 600 First Nations communities the RCMP serves. The program matches up experienced Aboriginal members with self-identified Aboriginal recruits in order to help Aboriginal applicants succeed at the RCMP's Training Academy (Depot) and beyond.

The RCMP National Youth Leadership Workshop

The RCMP welcomed 16 Indigenous youth from across Canada to Depot in Regina, for the RCMP National Youth Leadership Workshop. During the workshop, students between grades 9 and 12 had the opportunity to discuss social issues surrounding young people in their communities. They also built leadership skills through interactive training sessions. Other activities included developing an effective youth-led, police-supported action plan to address identified issues and to promote Indigenous youth and police partnerships.

Depot Aboriginal Youth Camp Program

For the past seven years, Depot has hosted an Annual RCMP North West Region Youth Camp that includes Aboriginal youth from Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. The program provides youth between the ages of 16 and 19 an opportunity to experience aspects of RCMP training for one week, showcasing the RCMP as a viable career option.

RCMP National Youth Engagement Week

This past year, the RCMP welcomed 32 high-school students from across Canada to Depot. The students experienced first-hand the training to become an RCMP officer. The students toured the Academy grounds and participated in various activities over the course of one week, including driving instruction, firearms simulations and drills. The students were selected from provinces across Canada based on their academic achievement, community engagement, and demonstrated interest in law enforcement.

Employee engagement

The senior management at Depot engages members from all training units in a committee to: improve the delivery of the Cadet Training Program; address issues related to employee wellness; and involve employees in the Academy's overall strategic direction.

Employee recognition and wellness

Depot's Commanding Officer hosts a bi-monthly town hall for all employees, known as Mug-Up. All employee categories (police officers, civilian staff and public servants) are recognized for their contributions through Certificates of Appreciation and "Depot Dynamites". Employees are also recognized for recent promotions and transfers. The town hall atmosphere fosters "esprit de corps" and allows the Commanding Officer to regularly connect with all employees.

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