Domestic and international efforts and initiatives

Global and domestic impacts

Bribery and corruption are global problems that require a coordinated international response to address. Governments and other organizations around the world are combatting bribery and corruption. Through international conventions, commitments and cooperation, they work with civil society organizations, academia and other stakeholders to prevent, detect and prosecute corruption.

The human, social and economic costs of corruption are high and cannot be ignored. For businesses, the costs are high.

The RCMP is part of an international taskforce that fights foreign bribery. Established in May 2013, the International Foreign Bribery Taskforce (IFBT) includes the FBI, Australian Federal Police, the United Kingdom National Crime Agency (NCA) and the RCMP.

The IFBT enhances law enforcement's response to foreign bribery on an international scale by providing a platform for police experts from Australia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to share knowledge, skills, methodologies and case studies.

The taskforce meets annually to discuss trends and challenges in relation to foreign bribery of public officials, and provides an opportunity for taskforce members to share investigative methodologies and good practices.

The IFBT allows for the coordination of enforcement and outreach efforts between all agencies. It means that a Canadian citizen, resident or company involved in bribery and corruption is more likely to face the investigative pressure and resources of all IFBT partners and not just that of the RCMP.

IFBT partners also actively coordinate their awareness and prevention efforts in order to increase their reach and impact in raising awareness and helping to prevent and detect corruption globally and within their country. By sharing best practices, lessons learned and strategies, IFBT partners work with other stakeholders in promoting key anti-corruption measures and approaches.

The RCMP also actively coordinates awareness and prevention efforts with other stakeholders, such as government agencies, business associations, industry players and business schools.

Anti-corruption outreach efforts

As part of its outreach mandate, the RCMP provides presentations, information sessions and keynote addresses at selected events. Although not all invitations can be accepted, requests from business associations, universities and conference organizers, etc. will be assessed.

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