General public – How to prevent and report corruption

What can you do to prevent and fight corruption?

You can help reduce the impact of bribery and corruption, near you and on the global stage. Take the time to learn about the issues and how you can help prevent and detect corrupt practices.

Everyone can fight corruption by:

  • Educating themselves;
  • Reporting incidences of corruption to authorities;
  • Supporting education;
  • Refusing to pay or accept bribes, facilitation fees or gifts;
  • Telling elected officials to fight corruption;
  • Demanding transparency.

(Inspired from United Nations Anticorruption Day Campaign)

Bribery and corruption impact our society, economy, health and safety in all sorts of ways. Corrupt practices artificially increase the costs of goods and services. This means that every single Canadian taxpayer is a potential victim.

If you think that you've witnessed an act of corruption, you can:

  • Contact your local police for corruption involving local and provincial government and businesses;
  • Report it to the RCMP for corruption involving the federal government and businesses dealing with the federal government or operating outside of Canada.

Reporting bribery and corruption within an organization

The lack of business policies, controls and practices lead to corruption. Companies, organizations and governments are trying to prevent and detect corruption. Some encourage employees to report corrupt practices internally so actions can be taken. The RCMP encourages you to start by reporting your suspicions to your senior managers. However, if they take no action, please contact the police.

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