Client and partner survey results 2016

The RCMP is committed to providing the best possible policing to the communities we serve. In 2016, we conducted surveys of the public, our partners and stakeholders to get their feedback about our performance and learn more about their perceptions of the RCMP.

Our client and partner surveys are used to gauge satisfaction with various aspects of our work, such as providing safe homes and safe communities, professionalism, sensitivity to different needs, community involvement, visibility and communication.

The results provide us with valuable information that we can use to adjust our programs and services, and help to inform our reporting to Parliament and the public.

These surveys are an important tool to measure our progress and improve our performance as we strive to provide excellent service to meet future challenges.

Survey results

Below are national results from our 2016 surveys. Data collection for the surveys of Canadian citizens and contract partners was contracted out to Environics Research. The survey of our policing partners and stakeholders was carried out by the RCMP's internal Survey Centre.

General findings

Results from the Canadians' Views of RCMP Policing Services survey show that overall satisfaction with the RCMP is at 80%. Other ratings were:

  • trust and confidence, 78%
  • fulfilling commitments, 77%, and
  • addressing national security, 81%.

Results of the Survey of Contract Partners show an 89% overall satisfaction rating with the RCMP's contribution to keeping Canadians safe. A good working relationship with the RCMP was reported by 86% of respondents and 90% agreed that the RCMP demonstrates professionalism in its work. In terms of trust and confidence, contract partners rated the RCMP at 83%, and at 89% for being prepared to respond to emergencies.

Results of the Survey of Policing Partners and Stakeholders demonstrate an overall satisfaction rating of 89%. Results for other aspects include:

  • RCMP accountability, 76%
  • effective leaders, 74%
  • trust and confidence, 86%
  • prepared for emergencies, 89%,
  • honesty, 92%, and
  • knowledgeable and competent, 87%.
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