Canada 150 stories

For Canada's 150th anniversary, we invite you to explore stories about the RCMP from across the country and around the world. These stories reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion, indigenous communities, youth and the environment, as well as the RCMP's contributions to Canada and beyond.

You will find some of the stories here, but don't forget to check out our RCMP Canada 150 social media accounts for photos, facts and short stories.

Empowering youth to make the right choices

The RCMP knows that the young people of today will build the Canada of tomorrow. So one of our priorities is working with youth to increase their confidence and engage them in making their communities safer.

Many RCMP officers interact with kids in their communities both on and off the job, often volunteering many hours of their personal time to coach sports teams, set up after-school programs or just lend an ear.

Read about some of the ways the RCMP is involved with youth and how we are working together to build strong and resilient kids and prevent crime and victimization.

Commitment to indigenous communities and reconciliation

The RCMP has more than 2,000 indigenous employees and serves 600 indigenous communities across Canada. We are committed to contributing to safer and healthier indigenous communities – in fact, it is one of our strategic priorities.

Read about the passion and dedication RCMP employees bring to their work every day to better serve and protect indigenous communities, from creating youth programs or inspiring future applicants to working with First Nations police officers and much more.

Diversity and inclusion

The face of Canada has changed significantly over the past 150 years. So has the RCMP's. We strive to reflect the diverse communities we serve, and continuously work to build strong relationships with them.

Today, the growing diversity among our 28,000 employees enables us to have better relations with our communities and more effective results. It also helps us create a more respectful and professional workplace.

Here are some stories that reflect how the RCMP is becoming more diverse and inclusive.

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