British Columbia - 2016 success stories

The success stories highlighted in this report are just a few examples of how the RCMP demonstrates its commitment to the Government of Canada's Public Service Renewal initiative. Through innovative initiatives and programs, the RCMP works with its partners, connects with communities and supports its people in order to keep Canadians safe.

Talking careers by a campfire – Youth Career Discoveries Program

RCMP officers from the New Hazelton Detachment in BC joined forces with the Youth Career Discoveries camp to connect with youth and show them that the RCMP has more to offer than just police work. Officers took time to simply hang out with campers. They sat around the campfire listening to kids' stories and shared their own stories about their careers: why they joined the RCMP, the rewards and challenges, as well as what they deal with day-to-day. This was a great way to reach out to the community and find out what their needs are and how the RCMP can help.

The Culture Share Program

The Culture Share Program was developed in Port Alberni, BC. The program is aimed at preventing culturally-based bullying or racism among Grade 7 students while teaching them how to cope with such occurrences. The program consists of three lessons that teach what racism is, how to deal with it and why pride in culture is important. Lessons include discussions about multiculturalism and racism and offer students the opportunity to research their own cultures and discover parallels among them and shared cultural experiences to foster understanding.

The 2016 Aboriginal Pre-Cadet Training Program

Through the Aboriginal Pre-Cadet Training Program, youth of Aboriginal ancestry work with British Columbia RCMP members to gain valuable work experience. The program offers a great opportunity for participants to fully experience what it would be like to be a police officer. The program constitutes one of the strongest recruitment tools for BC's Aboriginal communities.

Ride Don't Hide: RCMP in BC participate in support of Canadians' mental health

For the third year in a row, RCMP employees in BC participated in the Canadian Mental Health Association's Ride Don't Hide event, a community bike ride with the goal of strengthening and supporting the mental health of Canadians. This year, BC's Commanding Officer and other senior officers also rode in the 100 km event alongside their colleagues who participated in Ride Don't Hide events across the province.

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