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Kids and drugs: A parent's guide to prevention

Kids and drugs: A parent’s guide to prevention

Parents, guardians and other adult mentors have a significant influence on children’s attitudes and behaviours regarding alcohol and drug abuse. The Kids and Drugs prevention program includes a series of five workshop sessions for parents and a parents’ booklet. Developed by Alberta Health Services-Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission and RCMP Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service (DOCAS), it is a prevention program for parents to help them learn strategies to prevent their school age children from abusing alcohol and other drugs.

Kids and Drugs is built on known protective factors for substance abuse prevention and strives to improve interactions between kids and parents through improved communication, support, decision making and discipline.

DOCAS will be conducting train-the-trainer sessions across the country for community groups and individuals who are interesting in delivering the five-session workshops to parents. If you are interested in supporting this important program in your local community, please contact your local DOCAS Office.