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  • Family Violence Initiative Funding
    • The goal of the initiative is to promote awareness of the risks associated with family violence, to work with government, research and community partners to strengthen the capacity of criminal justice, housing and health systems to respond to family violence and finally, to support data collection, research and evaluation activities to identify effective interventions. Funds are available for community and police-led projects tackling family violence issues across Canada.
  • The Red Cross-RespectED Programs: Through the Canadian Red Cross' RespectED program, various issue specific programs have been developed to teach violence prevention in classrooms and communities across Canada.
    • Be Safe!- The focus of this program is the prevention of sexual abuse of children aged 5-9. Students will learn about the basic concepts of children's rights, adult responsibility, and personal safety.
    • Ten Steps to Creating Safe Environments- This program teaches students about how they can create a safe environment without violence, abuse or aggression.
    • Walking the Prevention Circle- The purpose of this program is to educate adults who live or work with First Nations/Inuit/Métis people on how to recognize and prevent violence against youth in a culturally suitable way.

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