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Sexual Consent

Note: Contact us by e-mail to receive the Lesson Plan PDF version. Requests will be answered between 7:00am and 3:00pm, Monday to Friday.


  • To describe how understanding consent in day-to-day life leads to a healthy understanding of sexual consent.
  • To understand how the law defines sexual consent.
  • To describe sexual consent in the context of healthy, equitable and violence-free relationships.
  • To help young people understand how to support someone who has experienced sexual harm or a violation of consent, and why it is important to get professional support.

This lesson plan may be used by police officers and educators to discuss the topic of sexual consent with students in grades 6-8. Group and individual-based activities, realistic scenarios, reference documents, important related resources, and handouts are provided to assist in the understanding of consent and the importance of healthy relationships. Throughout the lesson plan, various topics are examined; how the Criminal Code of Canada defines consent, what constitutes a healthy, equitable, and violence-free relationship, and how to support friends who have experienced sexual harm, harassment, or dating violence.