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RCMPTalks enables Canada's youth to host meaningful, national conversations from their very own classrooms.

Each RCMPTalks session involves a 60-minute videoconference during which participating students share their insight on a specific crime or victimization topic. Topics include bullying and cyberbullying, and drug-impaired driving. Each videoconference also features a high-profile guest speaker. Up to eight grades 6 to 12 classrooms can participate to each session.

Before the event, RCMP employees visit the participating classrooms to deliver learning activities. With help from their teachers, the students plan a social awareness campaign. They present their idea or project during the RCMPTalk videoconference.

How to participate

If your school wants to take part in an RCMPTalks session, please contact us. The next session is on December 12, 2018.