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Get Involved

Below are ideas of how you can take action and help prevent youth crime and victimization.

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  1. Join our National Youth Advisory Committee to provide the RCMP with a much-needed window into what youth feel are the real issues in their communities, and help ensure our resources meet the needs of Canadian youth! Visit our National Youth Advisory Committee recruitment page for more details.
  2. Start an initiative in your community. Our Community Action Guide takes you through the whole process of planning and implementing a youth-led project to tackle important community issues. You can request a copy by contacting us.
  3. National initiatives and awareness days. Participating in awareness days is an easy and effective way to spread the word about a cause or issue that you're passionate about.
  4. Help us help you! Share your thoughts on the most important issues youth are dealing with in your community.
  5. Check out what your community is up to. There may be programs already in place in your community that you can join. You can also take a look at programs that have been proven to work in other communities by visiting the Public Health Agency of Canada - Canadian Best Practices Portal.
  6. Tell us how we're doing. Do we have the information you're looking for, or are we missing the mark? Send us your thoughts!