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Impaired Driving - Resources

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Video-Based Learning

Full Circle

  • This MADD Canada Public Service Announcement (PSA) demonstrates the deadly consequences of drinking and driving. It begins with someone having a drink at a bar and ends with them being lowered into the ground in a coffin.

MADD Video "Glasses"

  • MADD's video illustrates how much of an effect even one drink can have on a driver by placing one glass in front of the other, which the viewer must look through. It distorts the road to show how one's vision could be impaired.


MADD Canada

  • MADD Canada is an excellent resource for information on impaired driving. MADD's website includes several Awareness Campaigns such as "Canada 911," which educate individuals on how to spot an intoxicated driver, and what steps should be taken. MADD Canada also has posters, radio messages, public television campaign messages and PSA's.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation: Young and New Driver Resource Centre

  • The Young and New Driver Resource Centre (YNDRC) is a Canadian website that focuses on educating youth and adults alike about impaired and distracted driving. This informative website offers tools to help with the education process as well as strategies to keep the driver and other drivers safe. The section dedicated to parents proposes effective ways to talk to young people about impaired and distracted driving.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation: Impaired Driving

  • The Ministry of Transportation website has a page dedicated to impaired driving and links to various supporting campaigns. It also discusses alternate ways of getting home while impaired including taxi numbers and other services.

Ministry of Justice – British Columbia: Driving While Affected by Drugs or Alcohol

  • B.C.'s Ministry of Justice website has a page dedicated to teaching individuals about driving while affected by drugs or alcohol (impaired driving). It describes and explains laws, punishments, and roadside screening tests. This website also informs individuals of what happens if they are caught driving either drunk or while on drugs.