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Distracted Driving - More resources

Leave the Phone Alone

  • The RCMP and Leave the Phone Alone are working together to reduce distracted driving. The Leave the Phone Alone campaign encourages everyone to take a pledge to reduce distracted driving.

Presentation Materials

Distracted Driving - Lesson Plan (Grades 11 and 12)


Distracted Driving - Are you paying attention?

Interactive Learning Tools


  • The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) features a distracted driving module, in which individuals can choose the environment, road conditions, type of distraction, speed, and duration (how long they would be distracted for). The simulator then generates facts based on everything the person has clicked and demonstrates how much of an impact even 1 second of distraction can have when driving.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation: Young and New Driver Resource Centre

  • The Young and New Driver Resource Centre (YNDRC) is a Canadian website that focuses on educating youth and adults alike about impaired and distracted driving. This informative website offers tools to help with educating individuals as well as strategies to keep the driver and other drivers safe. There is one section dedicated to parents, which proposes different ways for them to have effective communication with their youth on this topic.

Video-based Learning

RCMP Video

The RCMP has launched a video about the harms of distracted driving. This video focuses on texting and driving, and what can happen when someone drives while distracted.

The Ontario Provincial Police

  • This video demonstrates the many dangers of driving while distracted and emphasizes these dangers through dramatization and statements from victims.

Ministry of Transportation

  • This video offers a simple trick to avoid being distracted by your cellphone or other electronic devices while driving.


Young Drivers Canada

  • Young Drivers is a driving school with locations all around Canada. Their website has fact sheets on safe driving.


  • CAA's website has very informative fact sheets about distracted driving, which provide tips to reduce the likelihood of becoming distracted while driving. It also features a video about texting while driving, and a distracted driving simulation game.