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Frequently Asked Questions (CCRTIS)

Civil Fingerprinting Screening Services

Q: Can I obtain a VS check for the purpose of an adoption?
Fingerprints that are sent to the RCMP for adoptive parents are screened to see if the person has been pardoned for a sex offence. The Criminal Records Act requires that the RCMP use a process that is different from the process used for a VS check .For this reason, RCMP documents indicate that a VS check was not requested.

The RCMP encourages police agencies to conduct fingerprint based criminal record checks for all applications related to adoptions to ensure that they are screened for pardoned sex offences.

Q: How do I apply for a security clearance to work for the Federal Government?
The RCMP does not grant security clearances. Clearances are granted by the Federal Government Agency sponsoring/hiring the individual. The security clearance process will be initiated by the hiring Agency.

Q: I need a record check by name and date of birth only, not fingerprint based. How can I obtain one?
Civil Fingerprint Screening Services(CFSS) does not perform name checks. You must contact your local police service.

Q: I had a criminal record check done in the past but no longer have it. Can you send me another copy?
No. The RCMP is not authorized to keep civil (non-criminal) fingerprints or copies of the certified results on file. All original documents are returned to the applicant with the results certified on the fingerprint form. You must re-submit a new application (i.e a new fingerprint form and applicable fee)

Q: How long is the certified criminal record check valid for?
The period of validity depends on the agency requesting the certified criminal record check. Each agency has it's own procedures, requirements and rules. Please contact the requesting agency for more information.

Q: I had a certified criminal record check done in the past and still have my original fingerprint form. Can I re-use it or do I need to obtain another set of fingerprints?
You may re-use your original fingerprint form more than once, as long as it is not a photocopy or a facsimile copy. Since it is processed as a new application, you must include any applicable processing fee.

Q: Can I submit my application or receive the results by phone, facsimile or e-mail?
No. CFSS conducts criminal record checks based on comparison of original fingerprint forms. CFSS cannot perform checks using facsimile copies, photocopies or computer printouts.

CFSS is not authorized to release criminal record check information by phone, fax or e-mail since we cannot confirm the identity of the recipient. All results are returned by mail and are certified to the fingerprint form

Q: Can I drop off my application in person to an RCMP office?
No. Hand-delivered fingerprint submissions will not be accepted by local RCMP offices.

Q: Can I obtain criminal record information on another person?
No. Privacy laws in Canada prevent us from releasing information contained in our criminal records database to third parties, except as authorized by law. Criminal record information is only released based on a fingerprint comparison and with the concerned person's authorization (consent).

Q: Will the RCMP keep my fingerprints on file if I submit an application?
No. The RCMP destroys fingerprint submissions 90 days after a search is completed and the results are returned to the police service. The fingerprints are not added to the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records and are not searched for future purposes.

Q: My spouse received his/her certified criminal record check, but I did not receive mine. Why ?
Although the applications may have been submitted at the same time, each one is processed individually and may not be completed or mailed on the same date.

Q: Can I pay an extra fee to have my application expedited?
No. CFSS processes all applications in order of receipt.

Q: How do I get bonded?
The RCMP does not provide bonding certifications. Consult your local yellow pages to find an agency that offers this service.